Coaching throughout your business project

CAE Memphrémagog works closely with entrepreneurs to guide them in the decisions they have to make at each step of their business development.

Consultants coach the entrepreneurs in their project. They advise them on how to improve their business practices, deal with issues and properly identify opportunities.

They possess the expertise to help ensure the success of the entrepreneurs’ projects and are able to refer them, if necessary, to the right specialized resources in the region.



When the business qualifies for funding from the CAE Memphrémagog and depending on the type of project, the associated risk or the entrepreneur’s wishes, the CAE Memphrémagog team will do a follow-up on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis, or review the annual financial results.

Following this analysis, the CAE consultants will then be able to suggest some strategic decisions that the entrepreneur will need to make to pursue his business development.

Consulting Service


Through a vast network of contacts, the CAE consultants will be able to refer the entrepreneur to a specialized resource to help address potential issues.

Innovation, exportation, automation, computerization, sustainable development and environmental responsibility.

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