Support to sustain the region’s economic health

The Local Economic Development Program is aimed at a comprehensive approach to the economic development of the region that promotes community autonomy and independence.

The Local Economic Development Program is divided into three main areas of intervention: the distribution of non-refundable financial contributions through the Local Economic Development Fund, the organization of Local Economic Development Activities and the deployment of Technical Assistance Activities.

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Financing programs

A maximum non-refundable financial contribution of $5,000, representing up to 50% of the cost of the project, may be granted.

Fund eligibility criteria

  1. The project must have an economic purpose;
  2. The project must be initiated by a local social economy enterprise or a recognized organization;
  3. The project must be open to the community and have an impact in its community;
  4. The project must aim to ensure the sustainability of the enterprise or organization;
  5. The complementary participation of a municipality or another partner in the community is preferred.

Technical assistance activities aim to support organizations in improving their business practices in order to maintain the activities of small businesses, social economy enterprises and community organizations.

These activities can be carried out in-house or through specialized external resources.

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