Michel Giroux

Business Development Advisor

Michel holds an MBA in banking, business, finance and securities law, a bachelor's degree in finance (concentration in entrepreneurship), a certificate in occupational health and safety and a background in industrial engineering. Over the years, he has completed various training courses on the consulting approach, personnel management and risk analysis.

He was a portfolio manager at a reputable financial institution. He worked in economic development in an organization within the MRC de Memphremagog. He has acted as a consultant to companies in the MRC de Memphremagog and has led the production of various factories in the region.

He possesses a variety of skills, including risk management, financing structure development in different areas of activity, and performs financial analysis in a context of sound and prudent management of business-related risks.

With his knowledge and experience in the business world, he supports entrepreneurs in the management and expansion of their business.

Its consulting approach allows entrepreneurs to have access to a resource that guides them in the achievement of their projects at any time.

I am an advisor to businesses for the Fonds capital local, which is, in a way, the basic program of the CAE and SADC network in Québec. We mainly provide term loans that are frequently used as leverage to access other sources of financing. We have the advantage of being able to adapt our interventions to the specificities of each business and to each stage of their development, both for the disbursement of funds and for the repayment. We also follow up with the entrepreneurs to help them manage their finances and fulfill their financial commitments.

I have extensive business experience, with more than 20 years as a portfolio manager in a financial institution. I am familiar with the realities and challenges of several sectors of activity. I understand how entrepreneurs are perceived when they present their project for financing. Therefore, I can not only help them prepare their application with all relevant information, but also guide them in explaining their project so that they are credible and convincing to their interlocutors.

At the CAE Memphrémagog, we value the sharing of expertise and as my specialty is financial analysis, my colleagues often call on me for more complex financial files.

What I enjoy most about my job is that, thanks to my experience, I have a broad view of the business and its industry. I have the ability to anticipate certain challenges and help entrepreneurs through them. I never do it for them, but rather guide and help them to have a different perspective on their business and consider appropriate solutions for their particular situation. Opening new doors with them, taking them further, is what satisfies me the most.

Michel Giroux