Claude Caron

Novom Interactive

Novom Interactive Inc., founded in 2012, is an IT company that specializes in the geo-detection of people. It has developed advanced technology platforms and methods of communication management for crowds using smartphones in connection with connected objects. In recent years, they have carried out projects for many tourism businesses in order to provide a better visitor’s experience.

Creating holograms of historic figures in the luxurious suites of Château Frontenac or a virtual immersion in Quebec City’s history, projecting images at the Casino de Charlevoix and the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Basilica, helping Biôdome’s visitors to orient themselves with an app that enhances traditional signage and analyzing crowd movements at major events such as the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival are mere examples of the wide range of applications made possible through the infrastructure developed by Novom Interactive.

Mr. Claude Caron, one of the owners of the company, has nothing but praise for the services provided to them by the CAE Memphremagog, which they used after two years of operation. Mr. Caron explains that “it was all in our head, nothing was done. The advisor took the time to listen to us carefully and believed that we could really carry out the projects that we were presenting, even if they were entirely virtual at that time. The working capital we were provided with allowed us to hire experts, purchase equipment and develop the technological infrastructure underpinning all our achievements. We now have 20 employees and our momentum is strong. We are now ready to explore the U.S. market.”