Émilie St-Onge Laporte and Martin Daigle

Le Marché la Bay

In June 2019, Mr. Martin Daigle and Ms. Émilie St-Onge Laporte acquired the business then known as Marché Gaudreau. The owner at the time wished to retire and sell the family business. The two Georgeville citizens decided to venture into the local business. They renamed it Marché de la Bay. The only food store within a 14-kilometre radius, it serves as a market, a fruit and vegetable counter, a butcher shop, a gas station, a SAQ branch and hunting and fishing licence supplier. It is a modern version of the traditional general store.

The new owners explained that they were looking to perpetuate the reputation of this business, which was notably renowned for its ham and homemade charcuterie, products that they had already started offering a few months ago. They are proud to have a loyal clientele and a reliable and stable staff. Through the excellence and variety of their products, they hope to become the preferred market for local residents and attract summer visitors.

Mrs. St-Onge Laporte and Mr. Daigle sought the services of the CAE Memphrémagog to finance part of the business acquisition. They mention that, “during the first meeting with the consultant, he told us that the information we had in hand did not allow us to evaluate the viability of our project. This was difficult to hear, but we appreciated that he gave us the facts and explained what was missing for us to have a chance of having our funding application accepted by a financial institution. We got back to work and, a few months later, we had access to financing. Our consultant helped us a lot because he is a good listener and knows how financial institutions work.”

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Fitch Bay, Stanstead Township
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Temoignages marche de la bay