Gaston Bélanger

Atelier Bélanger

Atelier Bélanger was founded in 1997 by Mr. Gaston Bélanger, who already had extensive experience in the realm of industrial printing. As a result of the decline of traditional print shops, the company was compelled to diversify its activities. Therefore, in addition to the technical services tied to printing, Atelier Bélanger offers precision machining and rubber overlay services.

This SME has a staff of eight employees, six of which are assigned to production. The company has experienced a steady growth through word of mouth advertising, which reflects the quality and reliability of the services offered. The advantage of Atelier Bélanger is its ability to quickly adjust to the needs of its customers and to respond to emergencies if equipment failures affect their production. "We also regularly provide advice to companies to improve their production tools."

Since its creation, Atelier Bélanger has received some 13 loans from the CAE Memphrémagog. They were thus able to acquire the equipment and, above all, to complement the financing needed to build a new building in 2014. Mr. Bélanger particularly appreciates the flexibility and speed of securing funding from the CAE.

"In addition, the CAE advisors are not just 'money lenders', the approach is much more personalized. They have been with us from the get-go. They are by our side and listen to our needs. When the level of risk seems higher, they advise and support us.”

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