Rolande Charron

Transport Memphré

With its 31 trucks operating across Canada and the United States, its 80 000 square foot warehouse and 45 employees, Transport Memphré, a family business in Magog, has managed to do well in the trucking business. Mr. Robert Vincent and Ms. Rolande Charron, co-owners of the business along with their two children, Simon and Andrée Fournier, mention that “it’s a very competitive sector. What makes us successful is our flexibility in terms of customer service. A customer needs transportation, we provide it as quickly a possible—whenever and wherever they need us to go. We do everything possible for our customers, they are our partners.”

The story of Transport Memphré began in 1996 when the Vincent-Charron couple decided to test the waters by leasing a truck. Robert drove and Rolande sold. She called Magog’s local business owners searching for clients. Quickly, the couple realized the potential of their business initiative. The Magog and surrounding area businesses certainly had a need and Transport Memphré could fulfill this need.

Following several financial institution rebuttals, maintaining that Transport Memphré did not have sufficient assets, the CAE accepted to grant them a loan to purchase their first truck. “They believed in the viability of our project and the rapid growth of our business proved them right. We have done business with the CAE on several occasions, among other things to consolidate our liquidity and expand our warehouse. We have been very satisfied with their excellent services,” add Ms. Charron.

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