Roxane Lemay

Mamz'elle Pub

The Mamz’elle Pub that opened in 2014 was the realization of a childhood dream for Roxanne and Anik Lemay, or as Roxane describes it, a “crazy family dream.” They even brought their mother into the adventure. The start-up was very modest, with no working capital. The two sisters were thinking big and were sure that customers would flock through the doors as soon as it opened. It ended up taking a little longer than that, but five years later, they can be proud of what they have achieved.

The restaurant seats 48 in addition to a lovely patio that welcomes 16 more. The decor is warm, with a touch of retro flair. As Roxane mentions, they wanted a friendly, heartwarming restaurant where people would feel at home in an unpretentious setting. This is exactly the feedback they receive from patrons, many of whom are regulars who appreciate the establishment’s atmosphere and simple yet delicious food.

The owners used CAE financing after 4 years of operations to help them get through the 2019 summer season, which was marked by major construction downtown. During this period, their turnover dropped by 40%. According to Lemay, “the CAE Memphrémagog is the only organization that agreed to help us. I almost didn’t dare to show up at their doorstep, because we had been turned down by financial institutions so often. But they welcomed us very warmly and I’m so glad that they agreed to give us a helping hand. If it wasn’t for them, I’m not sure we could have weathered the rough patch we came up against last summer. When we started out, we didn’t know them. We didn’t know what they could do for us.”

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